Karl-Heinz-Höhne-Preis (MedVis-Award) 2014: And the winners are…

Every two years the VCBM group awards the Karl-Heinz Höhne Award for Medical Visualization (medvis-award for short) to a young scientist in the MedVis field. Candidates for this award focus their innovative research on visualizations clearly related to medical questions.

The official website has not been updated yet, but we have received a tip from Frank Heckel that there has been a press-release announcing the winners (in German). Last year at VCBM, three contestants got awarded for their medical visualization work:

  • In third place: Cees-Willem Hofstede (Delft University of Technology) for his work on the Online Anatomical Human: an online anatomy browser, which allows combined display of medical images and reconstructed 3D models of various anatomical structures.
  • In second place: Frank Heckel (Fraunhofer MEVIS) for his work on interactive correction of segmentation results, such as delineated tumors in CT-scans.
  • In first place: Benjamin Köhler (Universität Magdeburg) for his work on the quantification and visual representation of blood flow data in cardiovascular disease.
 2014 Karl-Heinz-Höhne Award (MedVis- Award)  winners

Karl-Heinz-Höhne Award (MedVis- Award) winners: from left to right: Cees-Willem Hofstede, Benjamin Köhler and Frank Heckel in the front row. Dr. Stefan Zachow and Dr. Dorit Merhof in the back row.

We would like to congratulate the winners with their well-deserved awards!

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