3 PhD + 1 PostDoc position in Medical Visualization at the University of Bergen (Norway)

Good times for medical visualization here in Norway, as we are hiring 3 PhDs and 1 PostDoc in medical visualization currently! The visualization research group at the Department of Informatics of the University of Bergen, Norway (UiB), is seeking motivated and capable new PhD students who wish to pursue cutting-edge visualization research in a stimulating and dynamic international environment. The PhD positions are for a fixed-term period of 3 years with the possibility for a 4th year with compulsory other work (e.g. teaching duties at the Department). The PostDoc position is for a period of 3 years. All of these positions are financed partly by the Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) and associated with the newly established Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre (MMIV).

More information on these excellent job opportunities is available from the job openings page. The application deadline for the PhD positions is the 1st of August 2018, so do not delay and prepare your application! You can apply directly via the Jobbnorge announcement for the PhD Positions. The PostDoc position will be announced shortly.

11th Annual Learning and Teaching Confernce, University of Glasgow

Statue on Lion & Unicorn Staircase, Main Building, Professors’ Square

This year saw the first ever 2 day annual Learning and Teaching Conference which was held at the University of Glasgow, which took place on the 28th and 29th March 2018 . It has been described as  “phenomenal” from its programme. This year’s theme was Learning Spaces, with a focus on Visualisation in Learning and Teaching on the first day. This year’s conference had six sub-themes:

Visualisation in learning and teaching
Learning in a virtual space
Promoting active learning in the classroom
Learning in practice
Independent learning
Inclusive and accessible spaces

It had keynote talks from Dr Claudia Krebs, University of British Columbia; Professor Paul Chapman, School of Simulation and Visualisation, The Glasgow School of Art, Adam Finkelstein, McGill University and Invited Speaker Mr David Sime who lectures on behalf of Google and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Numerous talks were given on the above themes by staff and students, with exhibitor stalls from the following companies, demonstrating technologies in Visualisation, Augmented and Virtual Reality, and internal stalls from the University of Glasgow:

Canon Medical Research Europe Ltd
eCom Scotland
Glasgow School of Art
Primal Pictures
Touch Surgery

University of Glasgow stalls:

Illusions Index
Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS) and Glasgow University’s Teaching Tips Online (GUSTTO)
Library, Archives and IT
Peer Support Programme and Counselling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Visualising Medical Heritage and Innovation – Meet the Experts

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow is taking part in an exciting event during British Science Week, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow’s Anatomy Facility, and Glasgow Science Centre. On 16th March, Visualising Medical Heritage and Innovation – Meet the Experts will show how visualisation techniques such as 3D photography, 2D VR models, gaming and animation, can unlock the stories of scientific innovation, the evolution of medical and surgical care, and the latest advances in anatomy teaching.

The event will celebrate Glasgow’s rich medical heritage through world-famous figures such as Joseph Lister and David Livingstone, and point the way to the latest innovations in surgical care. We will also show how medical heritage can be visualised using unexpected raw materials such as paper and poetry. The six stalls present on the day will take you on a journey from the state of medicine and surgery hundreds of years ago, to the exciting new technologies used today to save lives. Come and talk to medical historians, artists, surgeons, and anatomists to discover the innovations that have shaped the healthcare practice as we know it.

This event will take place at the Glasgow Science Centre from 10:00-12:00 on the 16th March 2018 and we are expecting a big, broad audience, including school children.

Delft Data Science Seminar – Visual Data Science and its role in Computational Medicine

There will be a one-day workshop on “Visual Data Science and its role in Computational Medicine” hosted in the context of the Delft Data Science program, on Tuesday the 6th of February at the TU Delft (the Netherlands).

The workshop features many fascinating speakers with expertise from a variety of fields, including medical visualization and closely related topics. A variety of topics will be presented, including visual data science vs. classical science, computational vs. interactive approaches, the role of the human in visual data science, and many more. Please find up-to-date details about the workshop as well as registration information here.

Open PhD position in the Visualization Group at the University of Bergen (Norway)

The visualization research group at the Department of Informatics of the University of Bergen, Norway (UiB), is seeking motivated and capable new PhD students who wish to pursue cutting-edge visualization research in a stimulating and dynamic international environment. Currently there are vacancies for a PhD fellowship in the MetaVis project led by Prof. Stefan Bruckner and funded by the Research Council of Norway. The project aims to study the space of visualizations itself and how it can be efficiently and effectively navigated. The goal is to develop interactive visual methods to enable users in choosing appropriate visualization techniques for particular types of data and tasks. The topic for the thesis can be chosen within this broad range to suit the strengths and interests of the PhD candidate.

Again, I can tell you firsthand now, that this is a really awesome place to work with a lot of awesome people :)! Stefan Bruckner is well known in the field of medical visualization and an excellent supervisor, making this is a truly amazing opportunity. More information on the PhD job openings is available from the leaflet here and job openings page. The application deadline is the 18th of June 2017, so no not delay and prepare your application! You can apply directly via the Jobbnorge announcement here.

EuroRVVV 2017 Call for papers: Extended deadline!

EuroRVVV (the international EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization) will be held for the fifth time this year, and this edition is focused on “Perception in Visualization”. This topic is also quite fitting for medical visualization research, and the deadline was recently extended to February 27th, so there is still time to submit your medical visualization-themed papers! See the full call for papers here!

At the workshop, which is co-located with EuroVis, there will also be an interesting keynote by Prof. Dr. Douglas W. Cunningham, chair of the Graphic Systems Department at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, entitled ‘Modifying Perceptual Experiments to Evaluate Visualization Techniques’. We look forward to receiving your submissions, and hope to see you in Barcelona!

Further details and submission details can be found at: http://eurorvvv.org

Three open PhD positions + 1 Postdoc in Informatics at the University of Bergen (Norway)

Best wishes for the new year from the medvis.org team!

The Informatics department at the University of Bergen, Norway, currently has four interesting job opportunities. They are looking to hire three PhDs and a Postdoc. I can tell you firsthand now, that this is a really awesome place to work with a lot of awesome people :)! The exact topic of the PhDs will be decided on with the advisors, but biomedical visualization, visual analytics and visual computing are among the list of possible topics. More information on the PhD job openings is avalaible here, while you can read more about the Postdoc job opening here. The application deadline will be the 1st of March 2017, so there is ample time to prepare your application. Be sure to indicate your (biomedical) visualization research preferences in there as well, and apply directly via the Jobbnorge links above.