IEEE Visualization Contest 2010 winners announced.

This year’s IEEE Visualization Contest was medically-themed: Contestants had to demonstrate how the visualisation of multi-modal datasets could be used for neuro-surgical planning. More specifically, submissions had to show how the following two questions could be best answered:

  1. What is the relation between the lesion, functional areas and white matter tracts?
  2. How can the lesion be accessed most safely?

Recently, the winning team and three honourable mentions were announced:

Winner: Pre-Operative Planning of Brain Tumor Resections by Stefan Diepenbrock, Jörg-Stefan Praßni, Florian Lindemann, Hans-Werner Bothe and Timo Ropinski.

Honourable mention 1: An Exploration and Planning Tool for Neurosurgical Interventions by Diana Röttger, Sandy Engelhardt, Christopher Denter, Burkhard Güssefeld, Annette Hausdörfer, Gerrit Lochmann, Dominik Ospelt, Janine Paschke, QiAn Tao, Stefan Müller.

Honourable mention 2: Neurosurgical Intervention Planning with VolV by Silvia Born, Daniela Wellein, Peter Rhone, Matthias Pfeifle, Jan Friedrich, Dirk Bartz.

Honourable mention 3: A Fiber Navigator for Neurosurgical Planning (NeuroPlanningNavigator) by Olivier Vaillancourt, Gabriel Girard, Arnaud Bore, Maxime Descoteaux.

You can also download a 550 MB zip file with all the contributions from the contest website.