Associate Professor in Biomedical Image Analysis position available at Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology is looking for an associate professor in biomedical image analysis (BMIA). The scientific research in the group BMIA focuses on three closely intertwined areas:

  • Design of advanced mathematical algorithms
  • Visualization of multi-valued data
  • Cardiovascular and neuro applications
You’d be working at the Imaging Science and Technology Eindhoven Institute (IST/e), which aims to grow to a leading research institute on the crossroads of image acquisition, mathematical modeling, algorithmics, visualization and biomedical applications of complex images or image sequences on the basis of advanced acquisition techniques. The group has a strong collaboration with Philips Healthcare and Philips Research (both 4 km away), and a range of (international) hospitals.
Check out the full job description and apply here. There’s some conflicting information on the closure date of this position, but I see 31-10-2012 on a lot of pages (here and here for instance), so I assume it is still open. update: the closing date for this position is 31-12-2012.