2013 IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest: Developmental Neuroscience Challenge

I suppose the theme of the 2013 IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest (a VisWeek 2013 event) is strictly speaking more biovis than medvis, but I thought I’d still mention it here, since the fields are so closely related. In any case, the theme for this year’s scivis contest is developmental neuroscience! There is a dataset available (the Allen Developing Mouse Brain Atlas) tracking the level of gene expression for 2000 genes in 6 stages, organized into 11 categories, in a 3D mouse brain. So that’s a grand total of 12000 expression energy volumes at your disposal.

The challenge is to visualize gradients, structural patterns, structure consistency and complementary patterns for the complete dataset. If you’re up for participating in this contest, you can find more information here. The deadline for the contest is 31 July 2013.