3D Colour X-Ray Imaging

Researchers at the University of Manchester have successfully developed a camera capable of taking 3D colour x-ray images in near-real time. The team is currently working on a the first colour CT scanner. Professor Robert Cernik:

“Current imaging systems such as spiral CAT scanners do not use all the information contained in the X-ray beam. We can use all the wavelengths present to give a colour X-ray image in a number of different imaging geometries. This method is often called hyperspectral imaging because it gives extra information about the material structure at each voxel (3D equivalent of a pixel) of the 3D image. This extra information can be used to fingerprint the material present at each point in a 3D image.”

In a recent experiment the team used the technology to X-ray a USB dongle that controls webcams.

The technology is currently being developed in a laboratory setting, but it will be interesting to see what impact this new modality will have on medical imaging. More information about these new developments can be found here.

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