Software Engineer job opening at Clinical Graphics in Delft, the Netherlands

Clinical Graphics, a fast-growing medical visualization company, is currently looking for a Software Engineer to join their team. From their job description: “We make software for the analysis of medical 3D scans of hips and shoulders. This software is used by the company to provide online surgery plans to orthopedic surgeons. Surgeons can predict how well a patient will be able to move after surgery thanks to our analysis service. Surgeons from around the world are sending in their scans for us to analyse.

You will perform challenging development work on our diverse set of software applications, using various technologies. It should be noted that although we are pragmatic, we are not afraid to try out new technology stacks or software architectures.”

If you’re interested, check out their career page here and the full job description for more details here!

3D Software Engineer job opening at Anatomage in San Jose, California (USA)

If you like anatomy, enjoy software engineering and are looking for a job, this post might be right up your ally. Anatomage, a company specializing in 3D medical technology, is looking for a 3D software engineer. Your tasks would include writing software for visualizing 3D volumetric imaging data read from DICOM files, developing geometric modeling algorithms and user interface for creating and manipulating 3D models from image data, preparing software documentation including the functional specifications and reference manual and providing technical support to customers.

Anatomage Table

The Anatomage Table, a life-size virtual dissection table for the medical community, is an example of one of the products made by Anatomage.

More information about Anatomage can be found on their website and the full job description is available here.