Kai Lawonn wins the Eurographics PhD award 2016!

I’m reporting live from Eurographics 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal and I have got some exciting news for you! Since 2011, every year the Eurographics association awards the Best PhD Thesis Award to the theses with the highest quality and impact. The awarded researchers so far were mainly specialized in computer graphics and geometric modeling. Until now, that is, since this year, one of these highly prestigious award goes to….

Best PhD thesis winner: Kai Lawonn!

Kai Lawonn receiving the Eurographics Best PhD Thesis Award

DSC_7836Kai Lawonn! For the first time in the history of the award, a medical visualization researcher won the Eurographics PhD award!

In Kai’s thesis, entitled ‘Illustrative Visualization of Medical Data Sets’, he describes several illustrative medvis techniques ranging from line drawing techniques to vessel visualizations.

Congratulations, Kai, with this excellent achievement!


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