EuroVis 2016 preview: What to see, what to wear?

Are you attending EuroVis 2016 in Groningen (the Netherlands) this year or even just want to know what’s up in terms of medvis action in this edition? I’ve got you covered with a preview of upcoming medical visualization-related that will be presented this year:


  • Monday starts out nicely at 14:00 with EuroRV3, the international EuroVis Workshop on Reproducibility, Verification, and Validation in Visualization, which as we mentioned previously, has a special edition focusing on medical visualization with the theme “From Medical Visualization Concepts to Certified Applications”. You can find the full EuroRV3 program here. I’ll even be chairing the first session, so don’t miss my debut as a session chair ;).


  • On Tuesday the EuroRV3 fun continues from 8:50, with two more sessions. We’ll be presenting a paper featuring 2/3 of the contributors as authors, festively entitled “An Introduction to Evaluation in Medical Visualization”.
  • After lunch at 14:30, Anders Ynnerman will deliver a spectacular keynote on OpenSpace. I know it’s not medvis, but Anders is an excellent speaker and you don’t want to miss this, I promise!


  • Wednesday marks the start of the EuroVis sessions, and the first one at 8:50 already features an excellent state-of-the-art-report (STAR) session on Biomedical Visualization featuring:
    • A Survey of Perceptually Motivated 3D Visualization of Medical Image Data –  Bernhard Preim, Alexandra Baer, Douglas Cunningham, Tobias Isenberg, and Timo Ropinski
    • Visual Analysis of Biomolecular Cavities: State of the Art – Michael Krone, Barbora Kozlikova, Norbert Lindow, Marc Baaden, Daniel Baum,
      Julius Parulek, Hans-Christian Hege, and Ivan Viola
  • The 11.00 o clock sessions are devoid of medvis 🙁
  • After lunch at 14.00, there is a biological data vis session. Not medvis, but close enough? 🙂
  • At 16:10, there is an interesting session on Volume Data Applications, but the Prediction and Forecasting has a VA medvis presentation as well… Decisions decisions!


  • Thursday starts out at 8:50 with a, *drumroll*, Medical Visualization short paper session! It features the following talks:
    • LMML: Initial Developments of an Integrated Environment for Forensic Data Visualization – Malik Olivier Boussejra, Noboru Adachi, Hideki Shojo, Ryohei Takahashi and Issei Fujishiro
    • Visualization for Understanding Uncertainty in Activation Volumes for Deep Brain Stimulation – Brad Hollister, Gordon Duffley, Chris Johnson, Chris Butson, and Paul Rosen
    • Fast 3D Thinning of Medical Image Data based on Local Neighborhood Lookups – Tobias Post, Christina Gillmann, Thomas Wischgoll, and Hans Hagen
    • VarVis: Visualizing Anatomical Variation in Branching Structures – Noeska Smit, Annelot Kraima, Daniel Jansma, Marco DeRuiter, Elmar Eisemann, and Anna Vilanova
    • Towards Visual Mega- and Meta-Analysis of Voxel-based Measurement in Brain Cohorts – Guohao Zhang, Elliot Hong, Peter Kochunov, Hamish Carr, and Jian Chen
  • The next session at 11.00 on flowvis, features some very nice work on blood flow:
  • At 14:00, the Volume Data Visualization session is looking good!
    • Similarity Voting based Viewpoint Selection for Volumes – Yubo Tao, Qirui Wang, Wei Chen, Yingcai Wu, and Hai Lin
    • Decoupled Shading for Real-time Heterogeneous Volume Illumination – Yubo Zhang, and Kwan-Liu Ma
    • Retailoring Box Splines to Lattices for Highly Isotropic Volume Representations – Balázs Csébfalvi, and Gergely Rácz
    • [CGF] Hybrid Data Visualization Based On Depth Complexity Histogram Analysis – S. Lindholm, M. Falk, E. Sundén, A. Bock, A. Ynnerman, and T. Ropinski
  • No medvis in the 16:10 sessions. Imagine that!


  • No clear medvis in the 8:50 session this time, but if I’d have to choose, I’d go with the short paper session on Human Computer Interaction.
  • There will be a capstone at 11:00 by Elmar Eisemann, who I can tell you from personal experience is also an excellent speaker!

Putting it all together, my block schedule looks like this: eurovis2016medvis

I added green dots to the sessions featuring medvis that I spotted. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section! Looking forward to seeing you at EuroVis 2016!

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  1. Hi! My name is Rishi Kamaleswaran and I will be presenting PhysioEx, a visual analytic tool for physiological event stream. I evaluate this tool with neonatologists and received good feedback. I’m presenting this during the FP10 Time Series & Sequences slot. Would love to hear your comments on my presentation if you are able to attend!

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