Open PhD and PostDoc positions: Visual Analysis in Population Imaging Research (VAnPIRe) @TUDelft (The Netherlands)

The TU Delft in the Netherlands currently has two open medvis research positions: there is room for a new PhD and a PostDoc. The PhD/PostDoc position will be part of the Population Imaging Genetics project (stw-imagene) that involves linking observations on the human genome to observations in imaging data. Novel, genome-wide sequencing approaches combined with large-scale population imaging studies open up unprecedented possibilities for discovering the cause of a disease and relating it to its anatomical and functional consequences.

The exact nature of the features (markers) that have the highest correlation with the clinical outcomes under study is by definition hard to predict. Due to the magnitude and heterogeneity of the data, as well as the nonspecific nature of the features that are being sought, this is a complex and laborious process.
We envision a new class of visual analysis techniques that enable the structured and interactive visual exploration of population imaging data. With these techniques, patterns and high-potential hypotheses can be flexibly derived from population imaging data, aiding both the derivation of insight and the search for predictive data features.

The main aim of this project is to develop and evaluate a new, interactive visual analysis approach that enables the extraction of patterns and high-potential hypotheses from the irregular and complex population imaging research data.
New insights into the mechanisms behind the clinical outcome of a population can be extracted by augmenting the human visual system with interactive visualization and coupled feature extraction techniques.

If you’d like to become my coworker, a VAnPIRe and/or work on this cool project, you can apply via the TUDelft vacancy pages: PhD – PostDoc

Assistant Professor in Medical Image Analysis position open at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

The Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden is looking for an Assistant Professor in Medical Image Analysis, because a new research group in medical image analysis is in the process of being established there. The focus of the group is on the development of new and more effective medical imaging methods and systems for visualization, support and diagnostics. Your goal would be to develop new methods for segmentation, registration and reconstruction problems for large-scale problems from multi-modal sensor data such as CT, MR and ultrasound. The research will cover basic mathematical aspects of imaging with focus on algorithms as well as the development of prototype systems.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please take a look here or here. The closing date for this job opening is May 12th, 2013.

PhD Candidate Position available in Hybrid Radiotherapy Planning at the UMC Utrecht (The Netherlands)

The University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht has a PhD candidate position available for four years. You would be working on real-time plan adaptations for a hybrid radiotherapy system. This system, developed between UMC Utrecht, in collaboration with Elektra and Philips, is the world’s first radiotherapy system integrated with a 1.5 T MRI scanner. The system can deliver radiation with mm accuracy while the target is visualized by MRI. The current project concerns the use of real-time MRI guidance for radiotherapy plan adaptations.

More information can be found here. The closing date for this job opening is March 2013. On this page more information about the project and sub-projects is available. From the looks of it, they actually have two positions available.

PhD position Uncertainty Visualization for Digital Radiation Therapy available at Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology and more specifically the Department of Biomedical Engineering have a PhD position available on the interesting topic of uncertainty visualization for digital radiotherapy planning in the Multivalued Image Analysis & Visualization group led by dr. Anna Vilanova. This project is part of the FP7 EU-STREP project ‘DR THERAPAT’- Digital Radiation Therapy Patient’. The goal of this project is to achieve an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand visualization and exploration of the multimodal, multi-value data involved in cancer radiotherapy planning – including the uncertainty in these data – in each step of the radiotherapy planning pipeline and in the final planning outcome.

More information on this position can be found here. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity if you’re interested and apply before the application deadline (the 29th of December 2012).

Research Software Programmer job opening at the Computational Radiology Laboratory in Boston (USA)

The Computational Radiology Laboratory (CRL) at the Children’s Hospital in Boston are looking for a programmer to work on several research projects in medical image computing. You would be involved in developing software with other CRL members and clinical research teams in the fields of registration, segmentation, visualization, medical image computing and diffusion imaging analysis. For this you need to be excellent at C++ coding and to have experience with ITK, VTK and Qt among other requirements.

An example of Multiple Scelerosis research done at CRL: a high resolution single subject atlas of white matter fiber tracts.

Read this if you want to find out more about this position. The closing date is the first of November, so apply soon if you’re interested in this.

PhD Position in Medical Visualization available at VRVis in Vienna (Austria)

The second position mentioned in this post is still available! To reiterate, they are looking for an Early Stage Researcher in the EU Initial Training Network (ITN) Software for the use of Multi-Modality Images in External Radiotherapy (SUMMER).

They are looking for a motivated young scientist that would love to use medical visualization to aid in the development of cutting edge solutions for radiotherapy planning. The starting date is as soon as possible, but before January 1, 2013. If you are interested in this position, please check this page for more details or contact Katja Bühler ( via e-mail. If you’re currently attending MICCAI 2012, you could also arrange to meet her there via e-mail.

Associate Professor in Biomedical Image Analysis position available at Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology is looking for an associate professor in biomedical image analysis (BMIA). The scientific research in the group BMIA focuses on three closely intertwined areas:

  • Design of advanced mathematical algorithms
  • Visualization of multi-valued data
  • Cardiovascular and neuro applications
You’d be working at the Imaging Science and Technology Eindhoven Institute (IST/e), which aims to grow to a leading research institute on the crossroads of image acquisition, mathematical modeling, algorithmics, visualization and biomedical applications of complex images or image sequences on the basis of advanced acquisition techniques. The group has a strong collaboration with Philips Healthcare and Philips Research (both 4 km away), and a range of (international) hospitals.
Check out the full job description and apply here. There’s some conflicting information on the closure date of this position, but I see 31-10-2012 on a lot of pages (here and here for instance), so I assume it is still open. update: the closing date for this position is 31-12-2012.