Sectra Visualization Table

I just got back home from the excellent EG VCBM 2012 conference and am currently working on my conference highlights write-up. In the meanwhile though, I wanted to show you a video of something else I saw at VCBM: the Sectra Visualization Table. It can be used for surgical planning, medical education and virtual autopsies, but it probably would be quite the conversation starter at a dinner party as well 😉 We have posted about this before two years ago, but I think this new video shows off the cool features better:

This is an excellent example of a good collaboration between research and industry. More information about it can be found here and here. I so wouldn’t mind having one of these to play around with ^^

MedVis Ph.D. vacancy at the TU Delft

The Medical Visualisation group at the TU Delft currently has a fully funded 4-year Ph.D. vacancy. The successful candidate will work together with another Ph.D. student from the LUMC Departments of Anatomy and Surgery on building the Virtual Surgical Pelvis, a next generation surgical model, in silico, of the human pelvis, based on extremely high resolution histological sections. For more details on the project and the vacancy, see this webpage.

The deadline for applying is May 15, so you better hurry up!