PhD position Uncertainty Visualization for Digital Radiation Therapy available at Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology and more specifically the Department of Biomedical Engineering have a PhD position available on the interesting topic of uncertainty visualization for digital radiotherapy planning in the Multivalued Image Analysis & Visualization group led by dr. Anna Vilanova. This project is part of the FP7 EU-STREP project ‘DR THERAPAT’- Digital Radiation Therapy Patient’. The goal of this project is to achieve an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand visualization and exploration of the multimodal, multi-value data involved in cancer radiotherapy planning – including the uncertainty in these data – in each step of the radiotherapy planning pipeline and in the final planning outcome.

More information on this position can be found here. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity if you’re interested and apply before the application deadline (the 29th of December 2012).

PhD Position in Medical Visualization available at VRVis in Vienna (Austria)

The second position mentioned in this post is still available! To reiterate, they are looking for an Early Stage Researcher in the EU Initial Training Network (ITN) Software for the use of Multi-Modality Images in External Radiotherapy (SUMMER).

They are looking for a motivated young scientist that would love to use medical visualization to aid in the development of cutting edge solutions for radiotherapy planning. The starting date is as soon as possible, but before January 1, 2013. If you are interested in this position, please check this page for more details or contact Katja Bühler ( via e-mail. If you’re currently attending MICCAI 2012, you could also arrange to meet her there via e-mail.

Medical Visualization Ph.D. position available at Graz University of Technology (Austria)

There’s a Ph.D. position available in the exciting research field of medical visualization at Graz University of Technology in Austria. The project you’d be working on involves the visualization of minimally invasive intervention simulation, such as RFA or cryoablation for cancer treatment .

The start date for the position in this EU-funded project is the first of January in 2013, so start sending in those applications! More information can be found here.

Open Positions at KAUST – Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center (Saudi Arabia)

I just returned from Eurovis 2012 and while a more detailed write-up of that will be posted soon, I wanted to let you know about several open positions over at KAUST in Saudi Arabia in the meantime.

An example of the research done at GMSV 'Fused Multi-Volume DVR using Binary Space Partitioning'

The newly formed Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center (GMSV) is looking for 5-10 post-docs, MS and PhD students as well as short term visitors (2-3 months). A overview of their scivis work so far can be seen here. Contact them by sending an email to gmsvfaculty(a)

Two Medical Visualisation Ph.D. Vacancies at VRVis in Vienna (Austria)

Katja Bühler’s group at VRVis in Vienna currently has two medical visualisation Ph.D. vacancies. They are looking for two highly motivated young scientists preferably from European Countries interested in medical visualization and in the development of cutting edge solutions for radiotherapy planning.

More details and the description for these jobs can be found here
The lucky person that gets the first position can start right away and the second position will be available from August onwards.

Visualisation Ph.D. vacancy at the University of Bergen (Norway)

The Department of Informatics at the University of Bergen is hiring a PhD candidate in informatics (but can be visualisation, according to Helwig Hauser). Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to become a legendary Visualisation Ninja at one of the best visualization places in the world.

Multi-Aspect Visualization: Going from Linked Views to Integrated Views

An example of work done by the Bergen VisGroup

More details and the job description can be found here. The deadline for applying is the 15th of December.

MedVis Ph.D. vacancy at the TU Delft

The Medical Visualisation group at the TU Delft currently has a fully funded 4-year Ph.D. vacancy. The successful candidate will work together with another Ph.D. student from the LUMC Departments of Anatomy and Surgery on building the Virtual Surgical Pelvis, a next generation surgical model, in silico, of the human pelvis, based on extremely high resolution histological sections. For more details on the project and the vacancy, see this webpage.

The deadline for applying is May 15, so you better hurry up!